Special closing


We don’t do this often, but the store¬†will be closed this Saturday April 12th to spend the day with our oldest son who is in the Navy and going to the middle east for the next 2 years. I know you all will understand, have a great weekend and hug someone you love!

Cyber Massage Chair

Unbelievable deal -CE cyber massage chair, Message Pro DF-1688Y2, black leather and stainless steel. This machine gives the body’s muscles a high speed workout by using vibrations and rollers to stimulate them to comfort and relaxation. Massage Features: Rolling – Tapping – Kneading – Clapping – massage functions in seat caves Footrest rotation, back, neck and head.
Features: Product Description – Luxurious Massage chair
Volt 110 ***
Automatic Timer Shut-Off: 15 minutes
Recline angle: 105 – 168 degree
Weight Aprox: 180 lbs.
Upholstery Material: Cow Leather cover materials